My Personal Philosophy Of Classroom Management Essay

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Providing a secure and safe learning environment, maximizing opportunities, as well as providing comfortable classrooms for students are some of the fundamental elements that a teacher must observe (Eyster & Martin, 2010). As a third grade teacher, my philosophy for this class will be ensuring a safe and comfortable learning classroom environment for every student. Based on this, this essay will document diverse strategies which students face as well as establish strategies that will optimize learning opportunities for every learner in this classroom.
TASK 1: My Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management
It is the duty of every teacher to ensure a safe and comfortable learning environment for every student (Eyster & Martin, 2010). My philosophy for third grade students will be providing and maintaining a safe and comfortable learning environment that supports key elements of effective classroom management which are managing student behavior, time, as well as implementing instructional strategies. The quest for self-management is innate in every human being. Based on this, it has been established that providing safe and comfortable learning environment is arguably a better way towards ensuring student self-management. It is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that every student adapts an environment in which they can learn and share ideas with other students freely.
The fundamental strategy that ensures student’s achievement is the ability to remain…

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