My Personal Philosophy: My Definition Of Leadership

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Over the years, I have learned there can be numerous definitions of leadership. When I was a non-rate onboard the Coast Guard Cutter Boutwell, leadership meant doing what the Chief or First Class Boatswain’s Mate said. There was no questioning the commands or giving feedback. I did what was told because of their legitimate power. When I finally went to A-school and earned a Third Class crow, I learned from my supervisor at Public Affairs Detachment San Diego that leadership was all about building relationships. She showed the value of using personal power to build relationships with the crew and her subordinates so she could cash in on that social capital later. When I made E7 and took over a shop full of enlisted, reserve and civilian members, I quickly reverted back to coercive and reward power to get my subordinates marching in the right direction. I also quickly became burnt out and stressed out beyond …show more content…
In conclusion, if I truly want to live up to my definition of leadership, “the art of mobilizing others to want to struggle for shared aspirations,” then I need to step up my game in not only the three behaviors that ranked lowest on my LPI 360, but in all five of the leadership practices. I need to learn to be inspiring, show my commitment, demonstrate my competence, and focus on forward-looking. Doing these things, as well as asking for feedback, describing a compelling future, and celebrating success, will all help me become the best leader I can be. All of this wraps up into my leadership philosophy. My leadership philosophy is simple, “lead through passion, purpose and people.” You have to be motivated and have a burning passion to Model the Way and Inspire a Shared Vision. You have to know the why behind what you are doing to Challenge the Process and Enable Others to Act. You have to focus on your people to Encourage the Heart. It is through these three lenses that I will not only become a great leader, but inspire others to strive for success as

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