My Personal Philosophy For My Upcoming Philosophy Essay

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Classroom Management Plan
In evaluating my respective philosophy for my upcoming teaching career, I have sincerely reflected on my principles and influences about classroom management. As cooperation is one of my principal priorities as a student, I will strive to develop cooperation in my school and my students once my profession begins. My goal is to consistently create a classroom that is student-centered, respectful, safe, joyful, and harmonious.
To create a cooperative environment, I will build on two basic principles in the classroom. The first principle is to treat others the way you wish to be treated and I will exemplify this with two words, “respect differences” and the second principle is be honest, and I will model this by doing all that I say I will do, and when unforeseen circumstances prevent me from doing so, I will explain to my students that there will be times in life when you have to be flexible, but we will get back to normal practices immediately. Personal Philosophy of Education & Theoretical Base
I believe the purpose of education is to ignite a student’s ability to think and acquire knowledge for themselves in an environment, “where every person regardless of religion, wealth, educational heritage, physical appearance, or age enjoys the same dignity and respect” (Dreikurs, 1982, p. 67). I want all students to know education is a crucial tool for learning how to think, and how to apply the knowledge learned in challenging situations…

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