My Personal Opinion On College Essay

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Even though you get more knowledge in college. Some people can't afford it and they

don't want to invest their time in it. My personal opinion on college is I don't really think it's worth

it. Colleges are a place where you want to major on something. Or for some, it's to advance on

something you already know. I don't really have much on what I want to advance on. I also

don't want to major in anything. College is known to be expensive, I don't have much money

and I don't want to waste the money I have. If I don't end up liking what I picked, it'd be a waste

of everything I invested in that whole time I would be in college.

If you go to an expensive college you'll be paying it all off later on. College prices

ranges from $1,000 to $60,000. If you go for the expensive one, you will hopefully get a job that

is good paying because you'll be in a lot of debt. Plus the more money you have to spend along

the way, for example, if you have a dorm or not and your books. Some books can be priced

really high, students could be paying $10,000 for one book. So if you have a dorm you'll be

spending more to have it and all the necessities along with it. Never mind on all your regular

everyday stuff, it'll all adds up. If you don't have a dorm you'll be paying a lot of money on

transportation to get there and back.

There are a few good things going for college, though. If you end up going to

college and pick…

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