My Personal Opinion About Diverse Topics Assigned By The Course English 101

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The essays contained in my portfolio are part of the assignments written for the course English 101, which I took the first session of Summer 2016 at Joliet Junior College. This compilation of papers shows my progress and the effort I put to complete some of the basic core requirements to achieve an associate degree. The portfolio consists of: a literacy narrative essay, a synthesis with two sources and two argumentative essays. The essays represent my personal opinion about diverse topics assigned by the instructor. In the paragraphs below, a review of each paper will be given, complemented with a reflection about my writing performance and progress in the course.
My first essay presented was a literacy narrative essay, in which I wrote about my experience of learning to read in a second language. Recalling my memories to write this essay was easy, because is something that just happened to me few months before. The introduction was too long, but this was necessary because I had to give detail, so the reader could understand the whole situation. If I had more time, I would have modified the concluding paragraph and made it longer.
The second essay was supposed to be a single text analysis. Unfortunately for personal reasons, I was not able to complete this assignment by the due date. In order to not fail other courses (whose presentations were not due on that day) I had to sacrifice the presentation of this essay. I recognized that a ‘Domino effect’ would happen with the…

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