My Personal Narrative Forms And Images Of The Holy Church

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In all of our readings this semester, I have been able to relate to all of the images of the preachers that we have studied (both in the assigned readings and in the sermon clips that we have watched). I have seen a bit of myself in each of the images. However, my personal theology of preaching seems to be most in line with the narrative forms and images as presented by Eugene Lowery and Anna Carter Florence. I have been drawn to stories and storytelling for as long as I can remember. I also have a professional background in teaching. In addition to my feelings about the role of the preacher, those two factors, I think, have influenced my preaching style tremendously. Narrative preaching should illuminate the Word of God in ways that appeal to all of our senses and sensibilities. Through the use of good …show more content…
The Holy Spirit was also with the Father, the Creator, from the beginning as the wind that hovered over the waters of Creation. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – the Trinity – were together as one (three in one) from the very beginning. The three persons of the Trinity cannot be separated without changing the nature of God. Yet, the three persons of the Trinity have different functions within the Godhead. As a Moravian Christian, I look to Jesus Christ as the ultimate example of what we can know about God’s nature. Moravians have at times been accused of being too Christocentric. However, Jesus’ selfless life, death, and resurrection provide a model for us for how we experience God and God’s kingdom on earth. Jesus’ life of service shows us how we are to live and serve as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to a hurting world. The Holy Spirit is in and of and through all of creation. The Spirit inspires, teaches, and guides us. The Spirit speaks to us, sometimes in a whisper, sometimes in a “scream” telling us how to live as followers of Jesus in the

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