My Personal Narrative: A Story Of My Life

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Hello, I’m Chelsea Elizabeth McDaniel and this is my personal narrative! I was born in Phoenix, Arizona and lived in a large, one story house with my half-sister who at the time was 8 and my half-brother who at the time was 10. I went to Madison Elementary and then when I was 6 it was summer time, I went out back to see my dad having a drink on “the rocks” and for some reason I asked, “Hey Dad, are we ever going to move?”. I wasn’t expecting to wake up the next afternoon to the house entirely packed up and suitcases full of clothes, shoes and my favorite plush doll, Ariel.
My little 6 year old mind could not yet comprehend what was going on yet, so I just thought we were playing a game. I asked my mom and dad what was going on at the end of the “game” and they responded something like this “Ever heard of North Carolina?”. After that we loaded up the car and went on our way to travel for three days across the
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On my tenth birthday I have my very first birthday party! I can remember it like it was yesterday, the pink heart shaped piñata, the cake, the park we were at in Queen Creek (closest to the entrance) but, I only slightly remember who I invited. A few I could name at the top of my head the rest I am not certain about. When I turned 12 my parents decided to move me back to North Carolina and try to continue selling the house. I had started middle school at Horton Middle School in downtown Pittsboro, near the S and T’s Soda Pop Shoppe, F.Y.I that’s were all the cool kids went after school. I hated school, I was always teased and made fun of and harassed everyday, then after that I got to sit on the bus by my bullies for two and a half hours until I reached my house. Then kids would then open the windows on the bus and throw waded up pieces of paper and chuck it at my head or if I was lucky they would throw pencils and chunks of

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