My Personal Moral And Ethical Code Essay

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To develop a statement about that incorporates all the aspects of my personal moral and ethical code I had to reflect back on my life, my decisions, actions and the manner in which I was raised. I have always know what I should do but now I can look back and label my choices and understand why I made the decisions I did. My statement is this I subscribe the rule of Hard Universalism, the theory of psychological egoism and because we are always selfish I believe utilitarianism represents the base desires of personhood. Everyone believes their desire is for the greater good and the right choice because they are selfish, these theories go hand in hand and dictate many of the actions of people in this world as well as the cravings we strive to rise above.
This is an awfully bland way of describing a lifetime of experiences and learning and the real question is what where did these values come from? What drove my development into the person I am today? What dictates my actions and the choices I make, is it family? Success? Selfishness or happiness? These are the questions this paper will attempt to summarize from my perspective and describe my viewpoint of the world. A less scientific statement to sum up my ethical guidelines is this; We all know is what is right and wrong but despite this we are all selfish with base desires we “think” are the right choice to make while we strive to rise above those desires.
This perspective is one I gained through years of moral education in…

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