My Personal Model Of Leadership Essay

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My personal model of leadership is the servant leadership. Servant leadership is a model in which the leader serves the followers and puts their needs as the priority of the leader. This is a social leadership model which is constructive, empowering and inspiring to the team (Spahr, 2015).

Application of Personal Model of Leadership in the Professional Setting

Nursing is a profession that comprises of autonomous and collaborative care of people of all ages, whether they are sick or well in all setting (International Council of Nurses [ICN], 2015). Nurses serve the patients, community, as well as their co-workers and employers. The application of the servant leadership approach improves the practice of nursing and health care delivery (Phang, 2014). The servant leaders are people-oriented, and they lead by examples (Melchar & Bosco, 2010). The nurses apply the principles of servant leadership like listening, empathy, awareness, healing, persuasion, conceptualization, foresight, stewardship, commitment to others and ability to build the community in the profession (Casterlow, n.d.). The core values of the servant leadership include respecting the people for their natural qualities. These leaders treat their team members are equal (Maslennikova, 2007). This trait of the servant leader would enable them to encourage team spirit and collaboration among the different disciplines. Thus, the features mentioned above help the nurse to give comprehensive care to the patients and…

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