My Personal Mission Statement And Core Values

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Personal Mission Statement and Core Values
My personal mission is to constantly strive to be the best overall person that I can be within my personal and professional life. My goals are to inspire and help others and myself around me to achieve greatness and balance that will to maximize our potential that will transcend the boundaries of our dreams.
In addition to my mission statement, my core life values are the foundation of my mission statement, which allows me to uphold my promises and standards. These promises and standards will afford me the opportunity to improve the life of others and myself for the better. Therefore, there are four particular core values that I live by each and everyday. The four values are commitment, compassion, dedication, and optimism. The first core value, commitment, embodies the theme of loyalty and honor. I work hard each day to live up to the promises that I make to finish tasks, help others, and meet expectations that I place on myself or by others. The second core value that I live by is compassion because I wholeheartedly believe in being kind to everyone and
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These two particular quotes constantly reminds me that the goals that I have created are not solely for my benefit, but to benefit and support others, either family members, friends, or friendly strangers who I may come into contact with. The first of two quotes is a bible scripture that reads, “ [s]o in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you […]” (Luke 6:31, New International Version). My beliefs and values are deeply rooted in this scripture simply because as I stated earlier, in my opinion, that everyone should be treated with equity and equality. This scripture reminds me that to be a leader either in my personal or professional life that success is not based on

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