Essay about My Personal Life On My Life

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First, one incident in my personal life that is an example of Sorrell’s quote involved someone else changing their normal routine to help me and my brother. In 2011, sometime during the colder months, my dad felt extremely sick all of a sudden He felt cold and started shivering, and coughs racked his ailing body. It clearly was not a regular cold and flu, so my mother first drove all of us to the hospital at around 4:00 in the afternoon. Then she drove my brother and I back home so she wouldn’t have to worry about us. She raced back to the hospital and never left my dad’s side until almost midnight. Meanwhile, my mom had called my aunt and uncle on the phone and asked them to come all the way from New York to take care of my brother and I at our house. They arrived within the hour, right before my mom headed back to the hospital. My cousins, along with my brother and I, brought down blankets and pillows, and spread them out carefully across our family room floor and lay down. My aunt put in a movie and we watched the movie until 11:30. Finally, my mother opened the garage door clutching my father’s hand, looking flustered. My aunt hugged my mom tightly and everyone breathed sighs of relief. My father was perfectly fine. What had really made me feel happier than a kids on the first day of summer vacation, was that my aunt and uncle, who live in Long Island, had driven all the way to Hillsborough, just to be with my brother and I while my mom watched over my dad. This was one…

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