My Personal Learning Style And Self Regulated Learning Essay

997 Words Sep 27th, 2016 4 Pages
Many people associate learning with school, and that learning is just simply the process of listening to an instructor and gaining knowledge from what they teach. However, there is far more to the process of learning. Not everyone recognizes that knowledge can be acquired anywhere. We learn from our experiences and surroundings, it is unavoidable. In the article “Learning to Learn”, Wirth and Perkins write about how different people “focus on different types of information”, respond to and process that information in various ways, and “achieve understanding at different rates”. There is not one single way to learn, what works for one person may not work for another. And as lifelong learners, it is important for each individual to recognize their own learning style to effectively keep expanding their knowledge and developing necessary skills. In this essay I will be reflecting on my personal learning style and self-regulated learning.
Individuals begin to discover their personal preferences when it comes to learning at an early age, and they move towards their particular learning style. People have their own process by which they learn and how they acquire information, and recognizing this can greatly improve an individual’s learning. Some people are auditory learners, they learn from listening. For these individuals, they achieve understanding from listening to lectures, for example, rather than reading a textbook. Other individuals are visual learners. They prefer…

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