My Personal Learning Experience Project Essay

1950 Words Dec 1st, 2016 8 Pages
A. Introduction For my personal learning experience I chose to learn how to juggle. This was chosen because it is something that always looked fun, and I figured why not give it a shot now! At first it was just attempting to juggle without any kind of prior knowledge on it, and without any sort of help or guidance. But, eventually I resorted to using YouTube videos to help learn how to juggle due to the lack of success. I spent just about thirty hours learning this. For the last eight weeks I decided to spend at least thirty minutes a day working on this. To learn how to juggle there was a heavy reliance on videos from YouTube and a few other sites to help assist with learning throughout this project, because I did not know of anyone who could juggle and help me learn.
B. Discussion For this personal learning experience project, learning by observation was most applicable. Because there was no one to help with demonstrations and instructions, using videos was the best way to learn. And by doing this, careful attention to the videos was crucial. Watching close to see what they exactly did was the only thing that would help with the learning. After watching the videos, it was then time to copy what they did. By doing this there was several steps of learning to go through. These steps included attention, retention, production, and motivation. For the attention part it was just watching the videos and paying attention to what exactly the people in them were doing. Attention…

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