My Personal Leadership Of Jacob Wagner Essay

793 Words May 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Peer Leader: All of the leaders I chose to interview helped me to develop my personal leadership philosophy through their actions and influence on me. I chose to interview Jacob Wagner as my peer leader because he has served as great mentor and friend throughout my years in college. His enthusiastic and good-natured personality are qualities of his that I always admired, and I have had the opportunity to see them in practice in the many leadership roles he has participated in. His guidance in my college career has helped me grow as a person making him an obvious choice as my peer leader to interview. Without his guidance I would probably still be in an unpleasant rooming situation, and I would be in a vastly different place than I am now. His involvement in the Honors College is what continually inspires me to stay involved and active throughout my years in college. Jacob has taken many leadership roles, not only in the Honors College, but among his friends as well. He has been a leader in the Honors College through his roles as an Honors Ambassador, Honors Student Governing Board officer, and Honors College mentor. He has also served as a great supporter to his friends and colleagues. Through these roles, Jacob mentioned that he learned the value that each individual voice has to offer. To him, a leader is someone who can listen and take everyone else’s ideas into account. In his opinion, a leader should highlight and praise each voice to encourage participation and help…

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