My Personal Journey

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The paths of life often lead to different directs, the path to take is up to an individual. These

paths can be positive or negative and can potentially lead to good or bad. Over the past five years I have

found meaning and purpose to my life. I have chosen many paths that have been positive for building

myself in the past five years. The evolution of my life can be described by many theories. Many roles,

such as family, culture, gender, race, and religion have help to guide my path for my development and

growth. Often times I ponder on my past and think of events that I could have change and why I would

have changed them. Then I remember, had I changed the past and chose different paths of life, I would

not have the life that I live right now.

Reflecting over the past five years, I could best use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to describe my

personal growth to discover my purpose and meaning. I always have had the physiological needs

provided for me. Some of these needs are food, sleep, and water. My safety needs have been met as

well. These needs would be shelter, clothing, and a safe environment. Only in the past five years have I

started to build my personal pyramid to the top. The third level is belongingness and love. People desire
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In the past year I have come to truly fall in love with my husband. I have also made a small social group

of friends that are there for me. This has really impacted my life in a positive way. The next level on the

pyramid is a person’s esteem needs. This is the level that I am working on right now. This includes

achievement, approval, recognition, and status. I am working on achievement by finishing my
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I have a

very kind heart and enjoy helping others. Helping others never happened in the house I grew up in,

because we were simply just getting by ourselves. There are bits and pieces of my life that was shaped

by religion, race, gender, culture, and family, but for the most part, I am my own person simply by loving

life and working hard.

Looking back on my life, there are several times I would love to have changed a path that I had

gone down. The path that I frequently ponder how my life would have been different is if I would have

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saved my virginity for marriage. I made the decision in high school to have sex and as a result, I became

a teenage mother at the age of seventeen. I love my son but I also wonder how my life would have been

had I not had a baby so young. I believe that if I had not had a baby in high school, I would have went

away to college at a traditional campus. Chances are I would have not met my loving husband, and then

I would have not had my other three beautiful children. I believe that everything happens for a

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