Essay about My Personal Journey Through Group Dynamics With My Group

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My personal journey throughout Group Dynamics with my group, and why it matters. Frankly speaking, there are many things that I personally expected and did not expect when starting this course. I was pleasantly surprised when I came to these realizations because it is not just I who was taking the skills and qualities away once the course is finished. My team members and classmates, who got to enjoy this course with me, also learned these skills and traits. So that in the future we are all better prepared, more experienced and have a strong comprehension of course material, that we can apply it to our given engineering course, or future employment.
In the beginning I had no implication of what to expect. The very first day I showed up to a very large lecture hall. I didn’t know anyone, and I was nervous about making friends or sticking up a conversation. All my classmates from APFM, were all there and so were all the members of the other engineering degree programs too. I was confused, I remember asking myself why they would toss us all together like that. I realized very soon after why they did that. They were creating parallel Teams outside of our program team. The course directors wanted us students to mingle and merge, have the degree programs mix together so that we could make lasting relationships and connections.
It was so much different from what I experienced before. Back in high school they only wanted us students to get in and out, while doing the best job…

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