My Personal Growth Journey Essay

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As part of my personal growth journey, I signed up for Soulvana. I had a heck of a time finishing up the first course, Self-Esteem: Your Fundamental Power. Reflecting on it there were a few reasons why it was so hard to get through, but I finally finished it as I waited for my husband 's flight to arrive last night.

The course was created by Caroline Myss. Apparently she has expertise in many different fields, including energy medicine, human consciousness, and mysticism. I had to look up the word mysticism, because, during the course, you hear her say 'That 's nonsense ' quite often, and the way I defined mysticism seemed to fit into something that would be nonsense to her - but it actually makes sense. Mysticism pertains to gathering information through means that don 't have proof - such as intuition or direct communication with the divine. And, you actually hear her talk a lot about intuition in the program.

I found that I had to listen to Caroline at 1.5 times speed. She talked too slow to keep my interest. She emphasized a lot of words, and listening to her faster in speed was kind of funny because she often said random words to make a statement that, sometimes, didn 't flow very well. That said, she was obviously talking to a group and had a lot of points to make, so if she wasn 't using notes to make those points, it 's obvious she really understands self-esteem and how it impacts your life in all areas.

Just a quick note: I didn 't see Caroline before I started…

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