Personal Essay About Myself As A Writer

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I have many goals. A couple are academic, some professional and others personal. These goals will help me become a better person. My academic goal is to ace my math class, one of my professional goals is to become a famous writer, and my personal goal is to build up my self confidence.

I know that my goals I have set for myself will make me a better writer in the future. For example, I love to read and reading a little bit everyday will help you improve your writing skills, which in this case will help me become a better writer. Another example is meeting up with other people who enjoy writing. This will help me with my personal goal “to build up my self confidence” and it will help me improve my writing. Also just by writing a little bit every day can boost up my reading and writing skills. These examples will allow me to pursue my writing goals.

The goals I have can also improve me as a better person. For example, my personal goal is to build up my self confidence and by doing that I will become more social which is also another one of my personal goals. By becoming more social I will be able to feel more comfortable around my teachers and other people. Another example is to just smile and wave at other people can make me feel more comfortable around them which can boost up my self confidence so it would be easier for me to
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For example, one of my academic goals is to ace my math class and if I can keep up my math grade above a C- then it should be simple to keep the rest of my other class grades high as well. Another example is to study for at least 45 minutes every 2 days, If I can keep that up I will be able to get I test and quiz scores, which in this case will keep my math grade above a C. Also by doing a few review problems every day will keep memory up to date on what I need to study for. These examples will help me keep my grades high so I can get into a good

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