My Personal Goals At Graduation Essay

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Growing up as the youngest of five children I learned that participating in community service and leadership activities was one of the best ways to have a hand in the organization and inner workings of the community. Throughout my education I participated in numerous volunteer and leadership activities including Envirothon, Key Club and Yearbook. In the future, I plan to participate in multiple clubs including the ECO C.A.T.S and Circle K. My personal goal is to pursue a career in medicine, focusing on nursing, and I hope to eventually complete a master’s program in order to become a midwife.
It is my belief that volunteering in the local and extended communities is one of the best ways to honor them. At Graduation I was awarded the bronze award from the S.H.I.N.E foundation, having documented over 120 hours of service during my Junior and Senior year. To accomplish this, over the course of the two years I volunteered with the local blood donation center as a Summer Teen volunteer, and during the year as a volunteer secretary on weekends. I also volunteered within administration of my high school performing errands such as organizing documents and sending out advertisements for the school. Furthermore, I took part in the local branch of the Key Club where we helped make care bags for the homeless community and for overseas soldiers as well as cleaning up garbage in the town. I spent 3 years participating in Envirothon competitions, two of which I helped lead the…

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