My Personal Goal For Nursing Essay

1069 Words Apr 16th, 2016 null Page
This week in clinical I experienced what it is like to work in the emergency department. Going into the clinical day I had some personal goals on top of the clinical group goals. The goal for the clinical group this week was to perform personal hygiene. I think this direction was about more than just the hygiene however. I think it was to balance therapeutic nursing actions with technical nursing skills. My own personal goal for my ER shift was to be able to understand how nurses prioritize their nursing care in such a fast paced environment. I also wanted to hone my critical thinking skills and decide what I would do if I was the primary nurse for each of my patients. If allowed, I also want to try performing some of the assessments and interventions that I found appropriate for my patients.
When I first started the clinical day, I was feeling a little overwhelmed. The staff were all running around and talking about a lot of things at once. My nurse mentor had three patients that she was caring for and had to do assessments on all three at the beginning of her shift. I realized that my feelings of confusion and stress were something I could easily control. I started asking my nurse questions about the clients before we went into the rooms and after we exited. She was great at explaining why we were assessing certain things and what interventions were needed. After getting more comfortable with my nurse, I felt more at ease. I was even confident enough to ask to help other…

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