The Importance Of Coming To High School

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‘’Life is an unfinished painting that continues to grow threw out our live’’. Throughout the years of growing up and becoming a wise young man I had to make chooses to better myself. As a teenager I felt like no teenager including myself took school serious. We all as teenagers never realize the importance of our education until it’s almost too late in life. High school to me was a like middle school where teachers basically used to stand by us to make us do our work. As I graduated from high school. I finally realize I was headed to college and I had to make some key changes quick in order to be successful in college. Therefore, I had to change my attendance of coming to school, making sure I do my assignments, and improving my study habits and study for my classes better than I did in high school. …show more content…
For example, in high school I would miss at least two days every other week. If I didn’t feel like going to school I just stayed in bed. Some days I use to go to school for the first three class periods and leave at the end of third period because I was ready to go home. In high school you could miss twenty days and still pass. Another example, is when I made it to college I seen the difference very quickly if I missed a class period in college I was behind because the professor is discussing something new the next class section. My attendance in college played a big part in my grade for my classes as well if I missed a day or class it would drop my percentage in my class if I missed. One thing I learned in college is doctor excuses doesn’t work like they did in high school. Therefore, I learned very quickly that I had to attend class each and every day if I except to graduate from

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