My Personal Experience Of Social Work

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One of my earliest memories is a nauseating blur of deafening screams, broken glass strewn across the ground, my hoarse wailing, and a compulsory one-day stay at Disneyland Resort to “forget.” Under a cracking veneer of perfection, my traditional Vietnamese parents desperately fought to keep the shame of their failing marriage and verbal and emotional abuse a family secret. Then, during my middle school years, social work became undeniably real to me. After being diagnosed with major depressive disorder on my 13th birthday, I began a decade of healing, facilitated by the counsel and support from licensed clinical social workers, psychiatrists, and other allied health professionals. Having experienced firsthand restoration throughout the course of many therapy sessions, I am intent on empowering others the same way social workers had empowered me. …show more content…
First, enduring and surmounting my emotional, mental, and relational challenges underscored my determination, resilience, and resourcefulness. Despite the weight of depression, I, having an innate proclivity for learning, accelerated my healing process by delving into cognitive behavioral therapy workbooks and attending anxiety and depression group classes. In addition, as an introspective person, I feel confident about my abilities to reflect, review faults, and project goals for improvement. Finally, I believe my ability to relate to and empathize with others highlights my potential to be an effective social worker. Having experienced mental illness and fought the surrounding stigma, I feel that both my experience and imagination allows me to begin to acknowledge, accept, and understand others’ struggles without judgments. I have come to learn that pain is pain, regardless of others’ opinions, and this recognition frees me to listen with compassion, patience, and

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