My Personal Experience Of God Essay

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¶324.9a: Describe your personal experience of God and the understanding of God you derive from biblical, theological, and historical sources.

I understand God as Trinitarian – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. My first experience of God happened after Grandfather died, and Mom taught me to pray a common child’s prayer entitled “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.” I have a distinct memory of God’s prevenient presence during our prayer. I came to understand justifying grace through the teaching of The Lord’s Prayer (United Methodist Hymnal [UMH] 270) by my second grade Sunday school teacher, and went before the church to confess Jesus is Lord. My life changed as I acknowledged Jesus is the One who could save me from the sin in my life. I was later baptized. Through worship experiences that included Scripture, Holy Communion, The Apostle’s Creed (UMH 881), The Doxology (UMH 95), and The Gloria Patri (UMH 70), an understanding of God formed inside of me. Over the years I grew in my understanding of God the Holy Spirit through my experiences in Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and Bible Study and particularly through the Confirmation process when I had an experience of God’s presence. During high school, I experienced a call to ministry which I most identified with the Apostle Peter’s call, and his ministry across Scripture. During college, I experienced a party lifestyle and it was during this time I experienced God as Redeemer. Directly following college, I married my husband;…

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