Liberty University Student Reflection

This is my first year attending Liberty University as a freshman and so far I am very happy to be here. My current academic standing right now I’m on Academic Warning. Before I came to this school I attended another online school named, “American Public University”. I started off doing well but later in my sophomore year I became pregnant. It became hard for me to work long hours every day and being pregnant. I had a wonderful successful pregnancy, but I was constantly feeling drained. I ended up failing two classes because it was too late to drop them and that brought my GPA down very low. After that, I took a break to focus more on my son and work.
I try to have a set schedule for my school work and still take care of my son. If I have any assignments due on Thursday and the following week Monday, I start my assignments on Tuesday’s so that I can complete some of my work since I am taking two classes at a time. Wednesday’s I’m wrapping up what is left to do so that on Thursday I can submit my work which is usually discussion assignments. If I have a quiz or paper due on Monday I spend Friday and Saturday focusing and trying to plan everything out in my head before I start writing. My boyfriend doesn’t work on the weekends so he will take our son off my hands so that I can complete my work. Sunday’s I’m almost finished with my paper and by Monday I’m still doing last minutes touches making sure everything is perfect reading it over three times
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My job experience is Retail, I’ve worked in retail since I was 19. It’s hard trying to break out of that when you don’t have a degree or any experience other than retail. I enjoy staying at home with my son while in school because I feel like if I were to work I would miss out on so much at this moment. So far I have been getting a lot of help from my family especially when I need to complete my school work. I haven’t had any issues and I’ve been able to complete all my assignments on

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