My Personal Experience: My Father's Quality Of Life

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When I was 12 my father lost his job. He moved 1100 miles away to find work while my mom worked off hour shifts at the local superstore to help put food on the table. The responsibility of watching after my younger autistic brother, Arman, fell in my hands. The time I spent with my brother allowed me to realize the challenges he faced every day. He struggled with social situations and had unfounded fears which challenged his quality of life. I began helping him with his day to day struggles. It was challenging but over time he began to talk more and even made occasional eye contact. His improvement wasn’t earth shattering but to watch him progress was the most remarkable feeling in the world. I learned that while I couldn’t provide Arman with …show more content…
It was my second week of work and the physician and myself were going to see a child who had a history of frequent ear infections. During the visit the mother seemed reserved. The physician noticed this and inquired about her emotional wellbeing. She immediately broke down in tears. We discovered that the mother was financially strained by the frequent medical visits and was distraught seeing her son suffer so often. It was the simple act of listening, emphasizing, and providing a few encouraging words which made her tough day just a little better. She left with a smile and gave a hug which silently spoke of her appreciation. Being a physician is much more than just identifying disease and providing drugs. A great physician is not only a problem solver but a caretaker who connects with their patients at a deeper emotional level. But being a great physician does not mean one can help every person. Working in a disadvantaged area allowed me to witness the financial and compliance barriers that cause unnecessary sorrow in the lives of patients and their families. To witness suffering and having limited or no power to change it is emotionally draining. To cope we reflect on those that we did help, and look forward to those whom we will

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