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Nerves, excitement and a lot of Salvos shopping sprees are nipping at my heels at the moment. In a few days, I will begin my first professional experience (prac) for my secondary education degree. As the 22nd comes closer, I need to consider before entering my school what my concept of learning is. In my opinion, learnings when an individual achieves new skills and knowledge through a mentor, studying or experience. This does not have to be the person instructing the class, but a student sitting next to them working through the same equation at the same time. Furthermore, what constitutes to learning in my discipline, currently science, is students acquiring or mastering knowledge that anyone is trying to teach them.

Another point to consider is my concept of teaching. First class each year in high
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Instead of creating new routines and rule for the students, I will implement the ones my mentor has already got in place for their class. If not currently used, I will have my students line up out the front class before entering. This will help me welcome, organise and assess student’s behaviours before they walk through the doors. I want to create a safe classroom where students can question and present own ideas to discussions without being scrutinised. Creating relationships with student will be difficult since I’m arriving through the year and only at the school for 3 weeks. Working around this, my first lesson will be an activity to get to know students and remember names while they also find out a little about me. Being a new face to students, they might play up in my lessons to try and test where I stand to them, if this happens I will separate student from peers and have organised book work to be completed by themselves. If there’s extreme behaviour problems from students I will get my mentor involved in the situation to help deal with the

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