My Personal Experience At The University Of Virginia Essay

887 Words Nov 24th, 2015 4 Pages
‘Got your six’; a military term used during missions to indicate support for fellow soldiers. However, this term is relevant for service members and civilians alike, and is a term that resonates with me. As a clinical psychologist it is necessary to support your clients, and it is a phrase to symbolize collaboration, a necessity when conducting research. Before and throughout my time at the University of Virginia, my personal history and my combination of volunteer opportunities, classwork, and labwork shaped my future career aspirations into pursuing a doctorate degree, joining the Army, and practicing and researching military psychology. As the daughter of a former U.S. Navy officer, I grew up a military brat. Although we only experienced two moves when I was very young, my family was not sheltered from the grueling life of a military family. My father experienced the brunt of it, missing his first wedding anniversary, missing the birth of his oldest child, deployment during the Gulf War, and later multiple deployments to the Middle East. The most profound impact for my family occurred on 9/11/2001. My father was stationed in the Pentagon at the time. The traumatic stress from this frightful day, coupled with years in the military before and multiple deployments after, affected not only him, but my entire family. It is with this in mind that I began volunteering with Give an Hour, an organization that provides free mental health services to the military and their…

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