Personal Narrative: Private Schools Vs. Public Schools

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A person’s individual experience with high school very different depending on where you grew up I was not a student who attended public school high school like most students who I have met in my college experience, I attended Catholic high school. I have heard so many bad things of catholic schooling, that it is easier than public school and our parents are just rich and that is why attend almost “private” schools. Catholic schools need to be recognized for that they have allowed students to do in their short time. Catholic School allowed me to express my faith, with no judgment and make friends from different school districts besides my own. I never had to pick out an outfit in 13 years of attending because I had to wear a uniform, and made my life easier already knowing what I had to wear each day. The main problem of bashing catholic schools is suspecting all kids who attended catholic schools are rich. The catholic …show more content…
Catholic schools follow state requirements, and core curriculum just as public schools do all over the United States. But offer smaller class sizes allowing for more one-on-one with the teacher if you are struggling. After speaking with my friends who attended public school, an average English class could be around 40 people, where in Catholic school it would be around 24 people to a class. The tuition cost is often something that scares away most families, where you can apply for financial aid and scholarships are available to help keep a student enrolled. Catholic Schools allow you to be different and unique, a quality some people find impossible since all students are required to wear the same outfit. Public schools do offer a variety of classes you may not find in a catholic school, such as woodshop, but Catholic schools allow classes based on scripture, church history, and the sacraments to allow you to explore your faith in a knowledge

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