My Personal Experience At Northland Christian Daycare Essays

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Do you know that feeling of turning in your stomach when you have to make a decision quickly between what might be right or wrong? To many people, this is a feeling that is easy to reenact in their minds through memories; especially when this decision involves someone you care about dearly. As for me, this feeling is so familiar that I could explain it from the beginning to the end of my personal experience in perfect detail.
Sara James and I have been best friends every since “baby daycare” at Northland Christian Daycare. Sara is in love with all living animals, especially puppies and kittens. She’s extremely caring and is the kind of friend that would drop all her plans for the day just to spend a couple hours of Mario Kart with me in my basement. Me on the other hand; I was the more athletic and aggressive friend who was always in the mood for a quick game of wall ball or “4-square”. As kids, we were so close that we used to get purposely separated by our daycare counselors so we would make more friends between the two of us. Today, her and I go to two different colleges that are two hours apart and we are still best friends. Although we seem like we have a rather perfect friendship, there was a sad period that separated us for about two months but it felt like a lifetime without my best friend.
On a hot and beautiful morning in the month of June of 2004, Sara’s cousin, Jessica Brinker or as they called her “Jess”, was crushed in the back of a school bus on the way to…

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