My Personal Educational Philosophy On The Field Of Education Essay

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The modern classroom is composed of a set of eclectic interactions between teachers and students. It is an environment that is forever changing, transforming, and evolving. Therefore, adaptability is a key attribute for any potential educator. Having said that, any great educator needs a foundation on which to build his or her educational philosophy. This foundation can be based on the philosophies, strategies, and research of those who are considered pioneers in the field of education. There are three philosophies on which I will build my personal educational philosophy on. To begin with, I hope to challenge my students into being agents of positive change by practicing social reconstruction. Subsequently, by employing a progressivism I hope to keep an open channel of communication between the students and myself. Finally, there are some truths that are everlasting; pennerialism is a great way to pass on this timeless knowledge to students.
George S. Counts’ point of view is precise in its summation of social reconstruction. Counts point of view states that educators should not be following society; instead, they should be looking for ways in which to change and help society evolve for the better (Schiro, 2013). Furthermore, educators have the adequate tools at their disposal with which to equip students, in hopes they become the conductors of positive change. Teachers should plan on leading students into questioning the way certain things are done, in hopes of developing…

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