My Personal Educational And Professional Development Career Plan

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Under the direction of the XLIX Management Team, the purpose of this report is to convey my developed personal educational and professional development career plan. This report also shows the explorations of my passion through the assessments of my passion, impacts, knowledge, and reflection. The main goal for examining the assessments of my passion is to be able to convey and describe what my passion is, how did different influences develop this passion, and why are these influences different from the influences of others. I will be examining the assessment of impact to be able to convey the goals that I want to achieve and state world issues that could potentially affect my passion in some way. Examining the assessment of knowledge encourages me to research and provide the knowledge and skills that I will need in order to make an impact with my passion. Finally, in the assessment of reflection, I will look to make reflections on the Whole Life Concepts Project and describe my commitment to my education.


My individual passion is to provide a helpful service to others. I have had this passion since my senior year of high school by looking at how technology has changed how we can help others. An example would be how I observed the new ways that food is grown and harvested. Although a number of tractor machines are still operated by people, there are tractors that are programmed to drive themselves to plant and harvest crops (The American Society of…

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