My Personal Definition Of Resilience Essay examples

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Resilience can be defined in several ways. My personal definition of resilience is that it’s an individual’s ability to overcome life events in a positive way. I have had to demonstrate resilience many times in my life. One example of my resilience was during a time where my life was changing drastically. As a recent college graduate, I was moving forward with life beyond the college campus and embarking on a new journey to graduate school. However, an unexpected event threatened to change that path.
BRIEF SUMMARY On August 7, 2015 I was driving to the library to prepare for my graduate assistantship interview at Georgia Southern University. I had graduated from the University of Georgia a few months prior and had decided to go back to graduate school to become a school psychologist. The library I was going to was located on a moderately busy road in my hometown. Traffic was light because it was after the morning rush, but before the lunch hour. As I was making a left turn to go into the parking lot of the library, a large, white truck rammed into the back of my car. I was in so much shock and disbelief from the intensity of the crash. I was not hurt in any major way, but my car had been totaled and I was very sad about losing the car that I had just received as a graduation gift. Some aspects of my development were temporarily affected by the impact of the car crash. I developed a mild case of whiplash that temporarily impacted my physical development. Because the…

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