Essay on My Personal Definition Of Family

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My personal definition of family is simple, but yet complex. I believe that a person’s family is not limited to only the people that are related by blood, marriage, or legal adoption. Family also includes the people who are close enough to be considered a part of a person’s family. Those people could be roommates, best friends, pastors, teammates, etc., and be considered a part of a person’s family if that person is close enough to them.
My family of origin consists of my mother, father, sister, grandmother, nanny, and great aunt. All of these people played a key role in my childhood and adolescence, the ones who are still with me play a key role in my adulthood. All of the people that played a part in my life didn’t live under the same roof, but we all lived within close proximity to one another. During my childhood, until the summer before starting fifth grade, I lived with my parents and my sister. Somewhere during the end of June or beginning of July, my parents divorced. Shortly after their divorce, our house caught on fire and my mother, sister, and I moved in with my grandmother. In addition to her regular day job, my mom took on two other jobs that she worked on nights and sometimes weekends and my sister, who was in college at the time, also had a part time job. My grandmother watched me and made sure that I had food to eat and did my chores while they were at work. On weekends, my nanny would come from Baton Rouge to visit and help out. Sometimes I would go and…

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