My Personal Code Of Ethics Essay

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Personal ethics are unique to each and every person and they are developed in many different ways caused by many different types of events. Some people’s are developed by the way they are raised. They gather bits and pieces from parents, older siblings, grandparents, and even some teachers. They can then be strengthened or changed by life experiences. Your ethics are also heavily built based on your personality and how you want to live your life. Inside your personal ethics there are also your limitations. What do you refuse to even consider or fail to understand. People also change their ethics and personality to fit social norms. This discusses my personal code of ethics, how they formed and how it compares to well established ethical codes.
My ethics have always been thought of as inconsistent or strange by others. My mom actually thought that I was a sociopath at first because of how little I cared about others, she eventually decided that I liked animals too much for that to be true. My ethics have been shaped in an unusual way as well. Living in the suburbs combined with me being very antisocial left me rather sheltered, and I never cared to be around people. Also, my parents divorced when I was young limiting my interaction further, as I did not see my dad more than two days a week. However, to counter this I had the Internet. I started using it when I was young and easily influenced. This caused me to develop a very cynical selfish view of the world. I saw the world…

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