Essay On Personal Code Of Ethics

Personal Code of Ethics Within the criminal justice field, having a foundation of ethics, and virtues is essential for a successful career. It is widely known; officers are held to higher standards than individuals in other professions. Therefore, inhibiting the abilities to make just, rational decisions for all, as they align with personal beliefs and values. Codes of ethics need to align with agency values. This comes out in the hiring processes, as agencies look for individuals who demonstrate strong characteristics, and values, which align with that agencies core values. Agencies do this to ensure individuals they have representing them, display integrity, professionalism, honesty, and ambition, among a wide variety of others. In pursuing a career in the criminal justice field, it is important to outline a personal mission by creating my own personal code of ethics, to provide a framework to guide myself through a career in criminal justice.

I will Challenge the processes within the agency I represent
I think it is crucial to challenge processes set forth by agencies, and or superiors. Furthermore, staying within a high level of professionalism is critical to success in this area. It is
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You are in a position where the public depends on your ability to refrain from biases, and make quick, just, and rational decisions in times of crisis, or desolation. Having a substantive basis of individual morals, allows individuals to hold themselves to a higher standard, which is expected of a criminal justice professional. Furthermore, I believe this aspect is crucial, as it should be expected for people who hold positions of power and authority, to be held to a higher standard. Therefore, I will take any necessary precautions, and or actions to ensure I maintain a significant moral standard for myself within my professional life, as well as my personal

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