Essay about My Personal Circle Of Female Friends

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I find this topic very interesting. Is one that i have discussed at depth with my friends and coworkers. I think the news does a wonderful job of presenting the argument of discrimination. It is the most common belief amongst those who do not take to time to look further into the dilemma. The contrasting ideas regarding the wage gap are far less publicized, and I think they deserve some time and consideration.
Career Choices: I was a little apprehensive to the watch the movies and expected to hear the same discrimination theory. Surprisingly, I found quite the opposite. I think that one of the main points about common career choices is creates a strong argument. My personal circle of female friends comprise a few, lawyers, engineers, pharmacists, but the majority of them are school teachers, human resource, social workers and graphic designer. It is interesting because there is a very large difference in pay between the two groups of friends. My friends that are in the more man oriented professions make considerably more than my friends in the arts and public service fields. I think this contrast shows that it is not a gender issue, since they are females, but is more of a career choice factor. I think that culturally women in the past have been encouraged to pursue the arts instead of the sciences in education. However, I think that a shift in culture has taken place and that is why we are seeing more women join the science/ math related fields. Coincidently, the math…

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