My Personal Change Project Essay examples

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For my Personal Change Project I decided to partake in Water Conservation, specifically reducing the amount of time I spend taking a shower everyday. As my proposal stated I spend a lot of time in the shower, especially on the weekends because I usually listen to music in the shower. Listening to music in the shower is entertaining and it’s the only place that I can freely sing without my mom having to yell at me saying that I’m a horrible singer. Anyways, the main point is that listening to music in the shower, especially a genre that I’m really passionate about can leave me in the shower for a maximum of thirty minutes. My Personal Change Project was aimed to reduce the amount of time that I spend in the shower by reducing the amount of music that I listen to while I’m in there. At first it was really tough to try to reduce my showers by listening to less music because I typically listen to five songs per shower depending on how much time I have to get ready. The first day that I started my personal change project, it was on a weekend day, which was Sunday. Usually on Sundays, I spend approximately forty minutes in the shower because this is the day I wash my hair and just have some me time before I have to have a crazy week at school. On Sunday’s I would listen to about six to seven songs, or usually a song mix, which lasts forty minutes. Since I was trying to conserve water, I had too reduce my shower this day by setting a timer on my phone to twenty minutes and I set a…

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