My Personal Beliefs Of A Teacher And Educator Essay

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As teachers our actions will be informed by the beliefs we have about education, schools, teaching, learning, students and our own position and identity.

It is important to understand the values and beliefs that inform your actions as a teacher and educator. These beliefs are centred around, and informed by, schools, teaching practice, the way students learn, mass culture and our personal identity. The beliefs educators have are present in their views of the aims of schooling and education, their aims for the people their students will become, their aims for society and for the experiences they create for students in the classroom. Discussion and analysis of these aims, beliefs and values has transformed and established my personal beliefs as an educator.

The aims of schooling and education in our current mass culture.

The shared views, values and ideas of a society are often referred to as mass culture. In order to enable our students to function within this mass culture and perhaps improve it, schooling and education needs to teach the skills to engage with, improve on, and criticise the values and ideals of society and mass culture. In order to achieve this over all goal, schooling and education needs to to focus on creating and discussing aims within our curriculum and education practices. As stated by Noddings (2003, p. 76), ‘aims talk is to education what freedom is to democracy,’ and without aims talk education can become a ‘poor substitute for its best version’…

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