My Personal And Professional Development Essay

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As a developing practitioner, I consider my areas of strength to be my ability to: connect and engage clients well; convey empathy to clients; be genuine/ authentic in my interactions and therapeutic delivery; remain mindful in sessions; my willingness to accept feedback regarding progress and completion of relevant paperwork; the ease and ability with which I work with individuals from differing cultures; being self-aware of my limitations; my ability to be flexible in scheduling appointments and in modifying interventions; and my ability to incorporate appropriate humor in the workplace and in sessions with my clients.
As with any other opportunities in life, I believe that there are areas for growth in my personal and professional development as a mental health professional. Among the identified areas for growth are; obtaining a more robust knowledge of the DSM 5 through garnering sound knowledge on the disorders and criteria for meeting each, being more confident in my execution of therapeutic interventions, becoming more knowledgeable on therapeutic interventions and working on being more understanding and mindful of where clients and families are at in their treatment at all times.
What theories or scholarly research was I able to test out in practice? What did I learn?
During my internship experience, I was able to explore elements of Rogerian therapy, Existential theory, Behavior therapy, Cognitive Behavior therapy, Family systems therapy, Solution Focused family…

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