My Personal And Learning Goals Essay

1145 Words Nov 19th, 2015 5 Pages
I believe my personal and learning goals will help me to develop new skills that could be used later in my schooling journey and even after. My personal goal is to find a sport to play for recreation and fitness which I will like and hopefully make new friends whilst learning and having fun, contributing to my health and fitness. My personal goal is to complete year 12 at Darwin High and to then study Law at a University of my choice.
The goals I have set for myself, I believe, are realistic and achievable. I will continue to work towards each goal to help myself create a planned and exciting future.
Each goal I set has made me think about a lot of all of my future intentions and what and who I want to be, it has also made me realize just how Creating these goals and doing the Personal Learning Project has allowed me to think about my future within high school and the courses I want to study in university, it also has allowed me to think about the ways in which I can achieve my goals and head in the right direction to create other goals for myself. I now know the importance of dedication in order to get the grades I want in order to get into my university course. I have learnt to manage my time more efficiently and how to balance every aspect within my life: sports, family, school, work, friends and other activates.
I created my personal and learning goals by, distinguishing my likes and dislikes for university courses. I researched the different types of courses and…

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