Essay on My Personal Accomplishments Of A Student 's Lifetime

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Throughout a person’s lifetime, there will be various difficulties and struggles one will deal with and during this semester of Freshman Composition, I have achieved and overcome several different obstacles with my writing skills. Overall, I feel that I have made great strides and achievements in this class and the evidence can be located throughout my portfolio where my instructor can find proof of the following: attention grabbers otherwise known as the hook, the usage of 5-7 sentence paragraphs, the usage of transitional statements, the usage of vivid and descriptive words, the proper use of semicolons and commas, as well as omitting dead words. One of my personal accomplishments I would like to highlight is my ability to correctly utilize semicolons and commas. However after writing numerous essay assignments, I feel confident that I have overcome this obstacle. On the other hand, some challenges I continue to struggle with but have partially overcome are the use of transitions. Even though this obstacle at times tends to cause challenges for me, I feel self-assured that with time I will conquer this obstacle. When browsing through my portfolio, a reader should pay close attention to the improvements that I have made from my first essay to my last by recognizing the usage of vivid and descriptive words, the transitions from one sentence to the next, the proper placement of commas and semicolons, as well as the proper writing styles being used. Contained in my…

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