My Person Of Interest For This Assignment Is My Best Friend And Significant Other

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My person of interest for this assignment is my best friend and significant other, Jimmy. The both of us have been together for around a year now and I thought choosing him, as my subject would be useful towards our relationship. Of course it is obvious that we are different by gender, but socioeconomic status, ethnicity and even religion are all of the same. You see Jimmy is probably the most influential and positive man I have ever come across. But when it comes to me, I try to be more realistic and sometimes come off as pessimistic. I suppose that’s the female in me. He has had a severe hardship that I can never imagine coming back from so positively. After interviewing him, the passing of his mother so sudden made him appreciate and view the world in a positive manner. The both of us are open books and I have always been aware of the loss of his mother since the day we met. Yet this interview gave me more details that I never knew. Throughout my interview with him, I realized myself that I should be as positive as he is, if not even more.

If you look on Jimmy’s Facebook page back in January 2011, you will see a status that he wrote rushing to the hospital saying, “mom please don’t die on me I love you”. Mrs. Annette Chase had passed away suddenly at work from a brain aneurism. “Don’t take things for granted, that is what I have learned most in life”. From that point on Jimmy looked at life in a whole new perspective. I had asked him how he changed as a person and he…

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