Essay My Person At All Times Of The Day

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I carry many things on my person at all times of the day. There are things that can be seen and others that can’t be seen. Everything that I carry either has a story or a meaning behind it. The tangible objects that I carry are the ones that have meanings behind them. The intangible ones have stories which give them life and either lift me or burden me. These burdens shape the kind of man I am becoming. The things that you carry help create your character in the game of life. The simple wallet holds things that I treasure and they give me reminders for various things. My license is the main object in my wallet. The little plastic card with my picture, my date of birth, and my address helps me remember a few things. The picture of myself reminds me that I am my own person and that no one is in control of my life decisions. The birthday printed on the card reminds myself that I am alive I have purpose and I have to strive hard to reach it. Lastly my address reminds me that family is forever and that I will always have a home to return to. My keys hold a large meaning behind them. Everything on my keychain helps me go down the path I want to in life. My car key is symbolic to me. It is the unwritten agreement that my mother signed to ensure her trust in me. With that key it proves to me that my mother believes in me to be a good kid and that I will be safe. There is a little golden lock that is kept on my keychain. This simple golden lock became important to me shortly…

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