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This memorandum is to outline my performance expectations for you. As we discussed in our recent meeting, it’s essential that you demonstrate the ability to meet the expectations as an Office Assistant II. You are a valued employee and your work performance is an essential part of the success of the Division. It is critical that you understand and adhere to my expectations in order to maximize your effectiveness, productivity, and seamless transition of assignments. The following are my expectations:

Assigned Schedule
Your work hours are from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, with a lunch break from 11:30 AM until 12:30 PM. Any deviation from these times must be pre-approved by the Planner I and myself. I expect you to be punctual
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You are email the Planner I and me. If you know that I am away from the office for travel or personal leave, you are to also contact and speak directly to the Chief of Permits and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement.

In these situations I expect you to submit a leave slip to document your absence; however, if you have an acceptable excuse for being late, I may allow you to make up the time within the same workweek, otherwise the absence will be considered to be personal leave. Unreasonable excuses, or continued attendance problems may be charged as Unauthorized Leave Without Pay (ULWOP). I will consider your reasons on a case by case basis – attendance problems will be considered on the whole of your attendance record.

As mentioned above, you should manage your time and attendance. Any unapproved absences may result in ULWOP and I recommend that you consult with the human resource staff at the Employee Call Center (465-3009) to fully understand the effects of that action. Unanticipated absences complicate the management of this office. Your adherence to this expectation is
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Attention to detail is essential for your position. I expect that document errors (grammatical, spelling, and punctuation) should be one or less per page. If you have questions on content or what should be contained within a document, please consult the Planner I or myself. Certain items like crash reports, DataQs, and SAFETYNET up and downloads must be processed daily, or when they are received. So long as travel is assigned to you, final travel documentation must be completely processed by or before the 5 business day deadline.

We are all faced with challenging situations when at work. It is expected that you will be open to change and accept direction from me and your lead as needed. I and your lead will do our best to give clear instructions and explanations when possible.

I am confident you can meet these expectations. I am available to answer any questions you may have regarding these expectations. It is your responsibility to seek clarification if any part of this directive is

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