My Patient With A Dental Clinic Essay

1180 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
My patient was a 27 year-old male who had no current health issues and was not taking any medications or supplements, but did have concerns about possible tooth decay and bone loss. When he presented as my patient initially, he was not brushing daily and had never flossed before, as he was never been taught how before his visit to the AB Tech Dental Clinic. The patient stated he was embarrassed of his teeth and gingival health and was initially reluctant to let me look in his mouth. When I informed him of the procedures, he was anxious about cost, but was excited to improve his oral health after not seeing a dentist or hygienist in over 15 years.
Upon initial assessment of patient, my patient presented with generalized red gingiva which was extremely enlarged and irritated. He had generalized smooth and spongy consistency to his entire gingiva. His papillae was bulbous and there were areas with papillae completely hidden by heavy calculus deposits. I could visibly see biofilm on his teeth and a coated black hairy tongue before we began the biofilm counseling process. I could also, visibly discern calculus on all sextants with five and two being the heaviest deposits, especially the lingual of five. Upon visual assessment, it was apparent this patient was suffering from gingivitis and radiographic evidence showed early signs of Periodontits.
I wanted my patient to see how important it is to brush and floss so I started recording his O’Leary Plaque Index score.…

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