Personal Narrative: My Senior High School

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In 2004, Coral Gables Senior High School, I was sitting waiting for my advisor, exciting and nervous to get my high school diploma next year 2005. But I never thought I will be sitting in that blue bench again, but this time crying. I had received the news I could not apply for any school, financial aid, scholarship or student loan because I did not have a social security number. My advisor said I wasn’t able to continue my path to college. Yes, she was really rude and she made my dreams go away and yes, I was illegal in USA, I came with a tourist visa but my family decided to stay for the serious situation in my country Venezuela. But everything I have done through my school year was throwing to the trash, I was a really good student, I loved to go to class and learn. I was dreaming to go to college and be a …show more content…
I have helped 5 people to introduce their form and package to immigration, 3 to get their green card and 2 citizenship successful. I think I like the legal career, well I started college my A.A in business administration I though it will be easy for me, but during my A.A I had a lot of problems financial and emotional but I never stop, it took me a lot of time but I did it. During that year, I met the love of my life who will change my whole life and made me took the decision that make me feel again sure about the career I want to do and I am sure I will be happy to perform. Family law attorney. Yes, well let me explain you how it happened. My fiancé now, he has a baby boy in Key West, Florida which her mother avoids them to be together, she did want him to

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