My Path As A First Generation Hispanic Student Essay

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Dreams are shaped by ideals as families shape the beliefs we grasp strongly. The sacrifices and struggles of my family are what have shaped me to be the person I am today, therefore I have dedicated my path as a first generation Hispanic student to my family.
My family and I were born in Guadalajara, Mexico. After three and a half years of living there, my family decided to seek a promising future in The United States. My father would travel back and forth from the United States to work and earn money to send to us in Mexico. Eventually my mother was able to get a visa and move my siblings and me to the United States. We lived in Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia before settling into a small-scale apartment in Howard County, Maryland. Luckily we were doing pretty well with my dad being the only one knowing English at the time. My father was working two jobs as I was getting prepared to begin kindergarten. I was very excited because the education we would have received in Mexico was nothing compared to the education in Howard County. Although I was anxious for what was to come, there were disadvantages of knowing only Spanish. I was a victim of bullying due to my lack of English. I was in completely separate classes, learning material that was trivial compared to courses of my English-speaking peers. I was excluded from certain activities, field trips and assemblies. I was clueless at first, but as I slowly learned the language, I understood things a lot more. Reflecting on…

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