My Passion Essay

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Diana Aguilar
Professor Emily Watson
English 111
21 September 2013

My Passion

When I am dancing I don't think about any problems I have. Dancing might be considered a source of entertainment, however to me dance in not only a form of entertainment it is much more. Dancing to me is an outlet to release stress, it is a form of speaking and letting out my emotions without saying a single word. Dancing is another language I have learned to speak. Dancing is just a conversation between two people and the body and soul. Ever since I can remember I have always loved dancing. I think the reason I love dancing has to do with my mother. She has always told me stories about her pregnancy of me. My mother said that during her pregnancy
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I still saw dance as a way of entertaining myself. By the age of five, I was already in the United States and here is where I got inspired by professional dancers. My uncle's wife is a professional dancer and she had her own dancing studio where she taught Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Regional Mexicano (Hispanic dance genres). Her studio was big with mirrored walls and hard wood floors. On one of the walls, there was a painting of a dancing couple surrounded by music notes. On the corner of the studio she had a display of trophies she had won. I remember going to her studio and watching her students become professionals. I even remember mocking their steps and learning the choreographies that were being taught to them. The dancers thought it was cute, but I was not trying to be cute, I was learning those steps, because I wanted to become one of them. I admired the dancers and my aunty's professionalism and dedication to dance. My aunt has been the one that incited me to understand and interpret dance more than entertainment. By the age of ten I had stopped going to the dance studio where my aunt taught her student not because I wanted, but because my aunt was moving to California. When she told me she was moving I was devastated, because that year I was going to become a student myself. I was also sad, because I was not going to be able to continue watching and learning new steps that her students were being taught. But she told me that I didn’t

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