Why I Want To Write Essay

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Why I Write The thrill that only a passion can give you is an inspiration that strives any individual. The thrill of writing is a key inspiration to hold onto; this is especially true for writers. The personalization that writing offers to an individual is the heart of writers. At least, that’s how it is for me. I write for many reasons, and some that dig digger than I care to dwell upon. I would personally describe writing as a roller coaster; throughout the process of writing, there are many ups and downs. However, I believe that the ride is worth it all. I find that I write for three main reasons; I write because I feel inspired, to explore different topics, and to simply because I feel a passion to do so. Writing is a talent that not everyone possesses, and it can go away with time. I choose to practice this talent that I have been given because I truly feel …show more content…
I am one of the lucky individuals who can say that I have a passion to write; I could even say that this is the sole reason why I choose to write. To me, writing is a very passionate way to address things around me, or even to make a story come to life. I write for so many reasons, but most importantly because I feel like I should. I wouldn’t say that it’s my destiny to write, but I feel called to write even if it’s just for the present time period. It is said that practice makes perfect. The more I practice writing the better I will become. I strive to write something, anything, at least once a week. I have written anything between the realms of fiction, and nonfiction. I have not published any of my works; this is because I don’t desire the fame that publication gives an author; I desire to impact others, sometimes that person may even be myself. I find that writing gives me some form of happiness, and relief from pressure around me; it’s a good stress reliever, and it’s a good way to express myself without harming anyone, or anything,

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