My Passion For Writing Essay

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My passion for writing is something words are not able to explain. It is like an addiction to something that you have no control over. Whether I have to write or type, my love for it takes me to another place. Writing is much more than an assignment with a due date or necessity. It does not matter if I am required to type an essay or simply feel the need to write a poem. I could write about anything in the world.
When I am writing about something, it is as if all of my troubles go out of the window. It takes my mind off of real life situations. From the time I start to the time I close the book, there is nothing that can distract me from perfection. Anytime I write down a song or poem, the first thing I do is record myself reading it aloud. If I type a story and feel the need to share my masterpiece to the world, I screenshot the computer screen and share it on social media. If somebody pays me to write a narrative essay, I would probably forget that I am doing it for somebody else. Even though writing somebody else’s paper is extremely risky, my passion for it blocks
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It can be an object, a hobby, or even another human being. My love for writing has been going strong since middle school. Some nights I would stay up until four in the morning finishing up an essay that is not due until the next month. There is no limit I will not pursue when it comes to writing. It is something that I have no control over. God blessed me with something I love to do. Sometimes I write about bible scriptures quoted from my favorite books.
I never really imagined making something I love to do in my spare time a full time thing. However, it does not sound bad at all. Getting paid for doing something you love has to be one of the greatest feelings in the world. Maybe one day I will make history and become a legend. The only thing I am concerned about is the present. Until tomorrow comes, I will continue to write about whatever comes to

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